Monday, September 20, 2010


I am in a stage of learning many many new things...about people, about myself and most importantly about our Savior Jesus.  Some of the things I am learning are not always easy to swallow.  I have been being shown that some relationships I have with friends are very toxic to me.  So, learning how to step away from those friends is very difficult for me.  The other day I actually had an ah ha moment!  I was so concerned with what a person was going to say to me or think that I almost had a panic, that is just stupid!  So, I realized...hey Jill, you have ZERO ZIP NO control over what happens in your life so, why do you keep trying to handle your own problems or issues...then I finally realized, ALL I have to do is ask our precious Jesus to take over the situation and the stresses and fears I have regarding that person or situation and He will take care of it, ALL!  I am telling you, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my back.  I know this is not something that will just be gone and that it will definitely be a process but, what a glorious day it is to have ah ha moments with our Jesus!

I am also in a new bible study called "The Significant Woman" and I believe it is going to open my eyes big time!  I have only had 1 session but it was amazing!

Thank you, Jesus for your love.grace.mercy.unconditional love.acceptance