Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've been on a learning path for well, my whole life! Haven't we all? There are certain things that I feel are just a continual relearning repeats that never get learned! How frustrating...

I know it is important to have boundaries with people, but I seem to struggle in having boundaries with close friends. I tend to feel so comfortable that I seem to "spill it all" so to speak. Then there are many times I wish I hadn't! Why do I not learn?! I tend to be extremely relational, so I'm pretty sure that is why I so desperately want relationships and ultimately a best friend or two. Also, I feel like I am always accessible and available to some people, though I want to be accessible, I have to learn how to set a boundary there, because other friends are NOT accessible! And I end up getting my feelings bruised.

Why do we give titles to people? Why do we have to say, oh, this is my best friend so & so, why can't we just say, this is my friend! I guess I get my feelings hurt when I am introduced to someone by who I would consider a very close friend as just a "friend". So ridiculous, I KNOW.

I feel like sensitive Sally a lot, but I just got a book recommendation from a great godly woman, it's called Highly Sensitive, understanding your gift of spiritual sensitivity, by Carol Brown.

And being single when every one of your friends is married is difficult at times, I feel like they don't seek out the friendships quite as passionately as I do. It may never make sense this side of heaven, but it sure helps to know God is always there for us! ALWAYS!

Jill 

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