Thursday, September 15, 2011


My whole adult life has appeared to be a season of waiting.  Waiting for many small things and waiting for a few big things.  For anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely HATE waiting!  I have never been one to pray for scares me. :)  I guess because I feel like if I pray for it, I will be tested in that area even more and some days I just can't hardly take it.

Today happens to be one of those days.  I am sick of being single and I am ready for God to send me the man that He has created for me.  I don't want to rush that, AT ALL!  I only want God's timing, but I want His timing RIGHT NOW! :)  We live in such a "right now" society, that it is excrutiatingly hard when we have to wait for something we really want.

I know that God has a perfect plan for me and that I am called to "Be still" like Psalm 46:10 says, some days I just struggle with it a little more than others.  So, I am called to WAIT...some days I will do this with grace and some days I will do this defiantly. 

All in God's time and that is the only way I want it.  It's just hard.

On a more positive note...I am overwelmed by God's goodness in providing me with my very own home!  Thank you, Jesus.


  1. I just stopped by to say HELLO (I saw you were following my blog?). Anyway, I started reading & wow, you sound LIKE ME!!! I overthink things and over-analyze - and yet, I KNOW God has a plan and I trust that. I also HATE to wait ... but have found God does surprise us when we least expect it in ways we can't fathom! He's amazing that way. The theme of my life seems to be: God's way are NOT my ways; His ways are BETTER! :) God bless you.

  2. Conny, I ran across your blog and it caught my attention. :) You are absolutely right...His ways are BETTER...I just hate waiting to see them! :)