Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trust & Believe = Faith?

I have really been pondering a lot lately about relationships. Not just men relationships, but friend relationships. I kinda had a revelation the other day. I seem to always struggle with friendships, things will go well and then suddenly things go wrong. I thrive on friendships and when I feel like I don't have a so called "best friend", I become lonely, sometimes extremely lonely. So, I have realized why I am so called different in this...I am single. I do not have a husband, my best friend yet, so I am more "needy" in the friend dept. :).

Now do not get me wrong here, Jesus is to be our ALL IN ALL, I get that! But, I also need visible, vocal friends too.

I have become friends with someone I didn't think I could be friends with because my heart was so hurt, but in being half way friends with this person, I also have to be careful that I do not read into it more than I should. This friend is my ex bf. I don't date, rarely ever, so it's really easy for me to always wonder in the back of my mind if something is supposed to be there one day down the road. I know for certain now is not right, it may never be right. I just have to trust, then believe that God WILL bring me my prince, my champion when HIS timing is right, and that for me = FAITH!

Some times waiting and having faith is sooo hard! But, I praise JESUS for HIS protection over me for the past 32 yrs!

Jill 

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  1. So fun to see your sweet face and hear your heart! XOXO