Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

BRRR!  It is so cold outside.  This is not my favorite time of the year.  I prefer spring and fall, especially fall!  This is the season for my birthday and it is always so dang cold in January and February!  I guess it could be worse! :)

I will be 32 in less than a month...WOW!  That kinda freaks me out and it also makes me wonder what my new year will bring.  That's when the verse, "do not be anxious for anything, but with prayer and petition offer your requests to the Lord" am going to do my best not to be anxious or worry about tomorrow!  Some days I am good at that, some days I am not.

So glad it's Friday! So ready to have sickness GONE!

Have a great weekend!

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