Monday, May 25, 2009

God's Hand....

I decided to take a walk this evening because it wasn't too hot and boy am I glad I did now.

I have been in a spiritual drought the past 5 1/2 months. I am sick of being here in it, I have cried out to get out of it, and still find myself in it! Well, today I just feel like something drastic changed. I am praying the drought is gone and doesn't rear its ugly head again! As I was walking I had my ipod playing, I love to have music when I exercise, it seems to motivate me more. Well, I started out with country music and I was going to switch it to rock to get really motivated, but I decided to play christian music (not by coincidence I might add). Well, "My Romance" by Christ for the Nations started playing and it just stopped me in my angry bitter tracks. I played it over and over. I was just talking to God and just pouring out my soul to Him and I could just feel something come over me, like this was a break through! Oh how I pray it really is a break through! Then as I am continuing on with my walk I look up in the cloud and there is a cloud that looked like a 4 finger hand! I just looked and turned and then looked again and just looked in amazement. I am going to choose to believe that, that was God's hand over me! And that He is saying to me, Jill, I know all of the things you struggle with right now and I am right here, My HAND is covering you!

I am not sure there is much more I can say about that now, other than, Praise You JESUS! You do hear me and You are right beside me. He knows the pains I have with certain relationships right now and He knows the decisions I am trying to work out. He knows it all and He is right here fighting through it with me! Upholding me the whole time!

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