Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, Monday...

So, todays struggle began this morning when I woke up, stupid satan! He sure likes to make me feel bad and let things that I don't even need to keep worrying about bother me! So, I got to work and checked my email and my friend Kim, has introduced me to the most wonderful daily email devotions. It is called Heartlight, I highly recommend it. Todays verse was perfect for me, "Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who dowrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plantsthey will soon die away." Psalm 37:1-2. My thoughts and struggles were of worrying what other people think about me. I want everyone to like me and I know that, that can't happen! But, I am just so afraid with the people who I am no longer friends with, will just keep spreading all of my negative side to everyone. Totally ridiculous, I KNOW, but oh so real! I am trying to tell myself that no one is perfect and even those who chose to talk badly of me and my faults, have their own issues they should really be noticing and working on that. My friend Dawn told me something the other night that I need to put in to daily practice, especially at my job, and I am sorry, but I will probably boch this all up, but the part that stuck was, if you find yourself gossipping, then you are about to be unemployed by Jesus! So, I need to remember when I gossip, I am not working for Jesus and I am totally acting unemployed! I just loved that! Thanks, Dawn!

I couldn't quit feeling so tired today. It was terrible, so tonight instead of going for a walk, I am going to or correction, I am taking it easy on my bed with sweet Belle. I am so ready for the warm weather that is on its way.

So, I would like to start being more grateful, so today I am thankful for Belle. The Lord has totally blessed me with this dog that I have fallen in love with. She makes me crazy sometimes and I tend to yell at her sometimes too, but she is such a sweet blessing. I have wanted a dog for about 10 years and I have never been able to have one until now. She is 15 weeks old! I am thankful for other things as well, but she is what I am most thankful for today. Here she is when I first got her on Dec. 19th
and then, here she is enjoying a wonderful stinky pig ear!

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  1. Keep your head high Jill! You're a wonderful and beautiful person and Satan is just going to work harder on you because of that...but don't let him get to you. Stay focused on what matters most in your life and everything will fall into place. I love you and miss you dearly!